Are you considering upgrading your bedroom with smartly designed, functional, fitted wardrobes? This guide will help you identify top-quality options and make informed decisions. We'll review the key features of fitted wardrobes, discuss their customizability, and provide tips on how to find a suitable model for your space.

When choosing fitted wardrobes, consider quality construction features that add to their durability. High-grade materials like kiln-dried hardwood, sturdy laminate, and strong aluminium frames should be selected when purchasing a wardrobe. In addition, ensure the hinging mechanisms are robust and have self-closing components, so you don't have to worry about slamming doors. Finally, look for interior details like adjustable shelves and coat hangers to make your storage solution even more efficient.

1. Measurement

The most important thing when buying a fitted wardrobe is ensuring the size is suitable for the space in your room. You want to measure both the height and width of your room and any obstacles like windows or protruding radiators that may affect where you can fit furniture. Once you have taken measurements, take them with you when browsing options and ensure the actual wardrobe will be manageable for the room.

2. Finishes

When it comes to fitted wardrobes, you don't have to look far for an option that suits your bedroom décor perfectly! Plenty of wood finishes and colours are available, from light oak and pine to marble effect and walnut shades. Many offer sliding doors, which can look sleek and modern. In contrast, hinged frame doors offer more standard features - whatever style you choose, make sure it's something you'll be happy seeing in your home day after day!

3. Storage Space

Most fitted wardrobes come with either shelves or hanging rails, depending on which one suits your needs better. Shelves are perfect for items like folded clothes while hanging rails allow you to store everything from coats to dresses neatly away and give extra storage space up top. Ask yourself: 'how much space do I need?' 'How many drawers should there be?' Ensure that your wardrobe contains enough storage space so everything is included!

4. Mirror Doors 

Gone are the days of having a full-length mirror overhanging your bedroom wall. With fitted wardrobes, many now come with built-in mirrored doors that open into further storage pockets hidden within the door – perfect for storing necklaces, earrings, or even light scarves and gloves. This helpful feature gives off two purposes; allowing full-view access to outfits before wearing them and providing interior storage at no additional cost!

5. Built in Lights 

Fitted wardrobes often come with built-in lights. When opened, they instantly fill any dark wardrobe corner with light – making it easier to find what you're looking for without even turning on a light source! This handy feature gives off luxury vibes, if anything else, adding more value to your home and helping you find items faster than ever before - making morning dressing a doddle!

6. Installation & Fitting 

It's always worth considering professional help when it comes to installing fitted wardrobes - It can help save time by having lessons learnt through practice over time instead of guessing what needs to go where - meaning everything fits neatly and together upon completion, giving not only a smoother transition but an overall cleaner finish! As these usually require assembly, be sure somebody knows what they're doing attending this job (like a professional); otherwise, things could quickly become complicated little fix-ups down the line!

7 Durability 

Durability also plays an important role when buying a fitted wardrobe – Check how weighty they feel by gently pushing against them or leaning on them to get an idea of their strength level once installed; this will help avoid any last-minute repairs down the road caused by less hardwearing materials made over cheaper brands trying cut corners cost effectively yet sacrificing quality assurance!